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日本からの食べ物は汚染されていますか? Are all food from Japan contaminated by radiation?

I went to the farmer's market with my son today. We bumped into one of the mother of my student from the cooking class. She asked me what I'm doing about the food from Japan. She was referring to the contamination of the food by the radiation from the nuclear power plant accident due to the earthquake. "Here we go again..." I thought. I was getting tired of those comments by the people who were over reacting due to the luck of knowledge and information. Ignorance is a bliss, sometime, but often it can be dangerous and hurtful. I am not underestimating the danger of the radiation, but to think food in Japan in general are all contaminated is ridiculous. However, I should understand this mother's paranoiac reaction....some people in Japan are also behaving this way even with so much information available. Things like virus and radiation are so scary to us since they're not can we protect ourselves from something we can't see? This is why some of us choose to take extreme measure by shutting off everything related to the source to be 100% sure. Sounds reasonable, but I can't forget the testimony by the nuclear bomb surviver who came here last month. She said her agony was not only surviving the injury and loss by the bomb. She had to live her life as a "bomb surviver" and had to deal with so much discrimination from the society. She was very concerned for the victims of this March's nuclear power plant's accident, especially for children who might become the victim of this cruel discrimination just like what she had to live through. Of course this is little different from the fear of food, but it's similar in a way to be alarmed and to reject without adequate information. Japanese farmers and food industry are facing major survival crises. Many have already gone out of business. We're all trying to support them by eliminating excess fear due to the wrong knowledge and by encouraging people to keep buying Japanese products. "Do you believe the government?" this mother asked. My answer to that is yes and no. Japan is not a communist country. Even though government is not always straight forward to the public, there are number of credible resources for the information . Also, other countries are very cautious about importing food and goods from Japan now. Before they are imported to U.S., it's been inspected at least by 2 parties. (WHO website has better information on this) Be cautious, but there is not need to reject everything from Japan, at least for now. So, chill out.
by hungry-witch | 2011-06-14 03:27 | cooking class
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