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たまにはね。。。 Once in a while....

People often envy my son that he gets to eat my Japanese home cooking all the time. Not so much....look at this huge smile in front of the burger at our neighborhood bistro. My son is so used to eating what people would categorize as "gourmet", he fancies burgers, fries and's always the case, the next door lawn is greener.... I have such a mixed feeling about this, but sort of understand his side of story, too....

Never seen him so "focused"....I ordered mussels with pomme fritte. Hate to say this, but I can do better.....yeah, yeah, I can be a snob when it comes to food....!
by hungry-witch | 2011-11-14 10:19 | dinner
porgy&flounder sashimi ポーギーとヒラメのお刺身
Got some super fresh porgy& flounder from my fisherman!

Look at these beauties!

We're having fish tonight! Gatta say, my sashimi making skill is getting better....and I didn't slice any of my fingers this time.

Oh and nothing to be wasted. The bones from porgy and flounder makes an amazing stock! Miso soup using this die for!
by hungry-witch | 2011-10-18 10:49 | dinner
買っちゃった! my darling new camera
やっと買いました。色々研究して、悩んで、とうとうNikonの新型Coolpix P300に決めて今日、やっと買っちゃいました。値段は当初の予算から少々出てしまいましたが、カメラにこれほど愛着を感じた事は今までないぞ。今、真剣に命名しようかどうか悩んでおる。見た目が渋くて腕が立つのでおやっさん、あるいは兄貴、とか。。。やっぱり極道系に走るのは問題だろうか。。。

It's about time. After researching tons of sources, I finally decided on Nikon Coolpix P300. Love, love, love this one. It's more than what I wanted to spend, but boy, it takes amazing pictures. I have never been so attached to a camera....I'm seriously thinking about naming this new love of my life....!

Tuna Carpaccio. With olive oil, spicy yuzu, lime and soy sauce, it's a bit of a fusion carpaccio.


As you know, I love broccolirabe. Today, I used a bit of Agave syrup , Japanese spicy mustard and soy sauce to season. Fabulous!


for summer dish, this bean sprout salad is so refreshing and tasty. Quickly blanch the bean sprout, cool them in the ice water immediately. Get rid of all the excess water and season with rice vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil and black pepper. Scatter some chopped green pepper for the finishing touch. Chill and enjoy!
by hungry-witch | 2011-06-05 10:39 | dinner
鳥骨ラーメン chicken broth ramen noodle

For this past few years, there has been a huge boom of "tonkotsu"(pork bone stock)ramen noodle here in Manhattan. It's undoubtedly delicious, but I find it a bit too rich to eat on a regular basis. It's been rain after rain and has been really depressing, so I thought today is a perfect day to try out a new ramen noodle recipe. Instead of using pork bone, I used chicken and cooked it for 5 hours along with konbu seaweed, dried shirmp and whole lot of veggies. I scooped out all the scam and excess fat during the process to make rich, but clear broth. Easy, but quite labor intensive, oh, but totally worth it. The end product was to die for. I didn't have ramen noodle on hand and was too lazy to go shopping, so I used a special angel hair noodle which was sent from Japan. I wish I had a picture to show...please bare with me. I'm still researching which camera to buy. Anyway, I think I make pretty dame good ramen noodle. Hell I pay 13 bucks for a bowl of ramen noodle!
by hungry-witch | 2011-05-24 09:42 | dinner
青豆ご飯  Fresh green peas rice

Green peas are available all through the year since there are canned and frozen ones. Have you ever tasted the ones from fresh out of the shell? Look, I'm a victim of the peas and carrots....I went to University in England. I had my life supply of them, trust me. BUT, this all changed when I tasted the fresh green peas farmer's market. They are so sweet and plump
. Of course you have to work a little to shell them for the pods, but it's all worth it. I came up with a perfect recipe to keep the green color and the plumpness of the green peas for the Chopsticks NYC magazine. No ones want s to mess with me when it comes to the green peas rice recipe, honey!
by hungry-witch | 2011-05-09 11:25 | dinner
母の日 Mother's day
今日は巷では母の日。我が家でも一応朝起きた時はそのつもだった。朝ご飯を食べていると、息子の肘が目が飛び出るくらいの水ぶくれになっておるではないか。そうか!昨晩夜中にベッドから落ちたとき、ヒーターに腕をぶつけたんだ。寝ぼけていたからそのままベッドによじ上って寝てしまって火傷に気がつかなかったんだ。もう、なんてこった。。。直ぐ冷やせばこんなにひどい火傷にはなってなかったはず。。。ちょうどクレジットカードぐらいの火傷である。今日はERしか開いていないから月曜日の明日、朝一で小児科につれていかなくては。。。でも月曜日は仕事が一杯入っている。とほほほ。こんな感じで母の日は始まった。しかしよくそのまま寝れたもんだ。。。にぶいな、ちょっと。すっかり疲労困憊な母に元気もりもりの息子は言った。『ちょっと公園に出かけてくる! 母の日だからね。花を持ってくるのさ!』む、息子よ。。。それ、君の気持ちはありがたいが、公園から花ちぎってくるのはちょっと待ってくれ。そう言う事はこっそり内緒でやっておくれ。すると今度は豚さん貯金箱を持って来た。お手伝いをすると5セントとか10セント、時々25セントをあげているので小銭がジャラジャラ入っている。それを持って花を買ってくると言う。何か、辛い様な嬉しい様な気持ちになった。せっかくためた小銭、自分の為に使ってほしく無い、でも息子の気持ちも大切にしたい。そこで、母は花の絵が欲しい、ということでお互い納得した。やれやれ。さて、晩ご飯。母の好きな物オンパレード、と言う事で今日は『貝づくし』。帆立の刺身をファーマーズマーケットの漁師さんから買って、近所の魚屋さんではムール貝、牡蠣、蛤をゲット。昨日の雑誌の撮影用に作った紫蘇のペストを使ってムール貝を蒸し、牡蠣はハーフシェル。蛤は焼き蛤にしました。母になって約10年。まだまだ未熟で大変であるが、後悔無しだ。そして苦労は続くであろう。どんと来い!

My mother's day started out like breakfast, I found a huge burn with blister on his elbow. Apparently he fell from the bed and burned his elbow with a radiator. Since he was still half a sleep, he climbed up the bed and went back to sleep. If it was iced then, I don't think it's gotten this bad...but my son's determination to going bak to sleep won over the pain. It's not worth it to bring him to a chaotic ER, so I'd have to take him to the doctor's office first thing on Monday, which is packed with work for me....I'm already in "exhausted" mode. Then, he said " Mom, I'm going to the park to pick some flowers for you!" with big smile. S.son, thanx, but it's illegal to pick flowers from the park(unless you do it in secret!)......thanx, but not happening. Then he brought his piggy bang filled with small coins he got from taking out the garbages. He said he wanted to buy me a flower using these coins. This really touched me, but also made me sad. I didn't want him to use his savings on me. So, we've settled for him to draw me a nice flower picture. For dinner, it was everything I liked. Scallop sashimi from the fisherman at the farmer's market, clam, oyster and mussels from the neighborhood fish market. I steamed the mussels using the shiso pesto I made for yesterday's magazine shooting, made oyster half shell and grilled clams. This mama is HAPPY with half bottle of my favorite Pinot Grigio! It's been almost 10 years since I became a mom. Still clueless and tons of struggle, but absolutely no regret. Bring it on baby, I can take more to come!
by hungry-witch | 2011-05-09 09:17 | dinner
メニュー変更  The reason for changing the menu...
アメリカの教育は日本に比べてのんびりしていていい。。。と一般に思われているが、実は所によってはかなり違ったりする。ここマンハッタンは幼稚園からして競争率も激しく、子供が生まれる前から親が学校受験の準備をするという極端な話しもある。そして、3年生から教育委員会が行う、学力テストがある。これは結構深刻なもので、テストの結果次第で、落第もありうる。えらいこっちゃ。息子が通っている学校は、かなりのんびりしているので、テストと言うもんは実は行わない。息子にとって、今回のこの学力テストが初めてのテストである。まず、テストが何であるか、と言う所から準備がはじまった。分からない事があると質問する事を奨励する教育をなされていただけに、テスト中に答えに関する質問はしてはいけない、という説明はかなり疲れるものだった。そして、塗りつぶし方式のテストなので、答えを直接かかず、“バブル”を塗リ忘れるでないぞ、と念をおす。そして、練習テストで、息子は落書きをしまくったので、時間がいくら余ってもスパイダーマンとか書いたらあかんで!としつこく言った。実は私も小学校の時、算数のテストで答えがゼロだったので、何も書かなくて良い、と思い、答え欄にお姫様の絵を書いた。こういう、悪いとこばっかり子供は似るのである。なぜだ。そして、今日、その学力テストは実地された。さぞかし大変であっただろう、と大好物のカレーでも作ってあげようと材料を買っておいた。『ただいま〜』と帰って来た息子に、『今日はカレーだよおおおん』と言おうとしたら、『すげ〜ぜ!今日、テストの後、ドーナッツ食い放題だった!!』と言うではないか。な〜に〜??? 先生達の“好意”による、ご褒美だったらしい。。。。親にしてみれば複雑な気分である。ただでさえ息子は体格がいい。別にダイエットさせる気はないが一応食べるものには気をつけている。カレーが死ぬ程好きな息子は絶対2、3杯はお変わりをする。ドーナッツ食べ放題の後これはやばい。息子がキッチンンに来る前にカレーのルーを隠し、急遽夕食のメニューをポトフに変えた。カレーの材料のタマネギ、人参、ジャガイモ、お肉に旬のキャベツを丸っこ入れました。最後まで、冷や汗ものの学力テストであった。。。ちなみに、テストどうだった?と聞いたら、ちょっと固まってから、『全力を尽くした』ときっぱり言った。それがどういう意味なのか、あまり知りたくない。

Amongst Japanese community, there is this misconception about how American education is "relaxed". Well, I've been here for sometime and have been raising a child for 9 years, but still haven't seen the 'relaxed" side of it yet. The standardized test starts from the 3rd grade here...come'on! My son goes to a school which doesn't really do "tests". It's great for other reasons, but when it comes to these mandatory standardized test, not so good. In order to prepare him, I had to start with "OK, asking questions is good, but that's not the case for tests" and "You can't draw Spiderman and Spongy Bob on the answer sheet....." Anyway, after prepping him for 2 intense weeks, today was the day. I thought I treat him with his favorite dish, Japanese curry. When he came back from school, I thought of greeting him with "Hey, guess what? We're having curry tonight", but it was shuttered by his "Mom, they gave me tons of donuts for treat after the test!". What??? All you can eat donut after the test? I just received from the school director "please end a healthy snack with your child" letter.....that does not make sense when school is feeding our our child with Doritos and donuts. My son loves curry and he would at least go for 2nd or 3rd serving. This is not gonna work after a donuts frenzy. Quickly I hid the curry sauce on the counter and change the menu to the pot-au-feu. using the same ingredient as curry. Onion, carrots, potatoes, chicken legs and instead of celery, a whole head of cabbage. Truly an exhausting day...BTW, when I asked him "How was the test?", his response was "I did my best!". I'm not sure if I want to find out what exactly he meant.....
by hungry-witch | 2011-05-05 08:18 | dinner
有頭えび head on shrimp

It has to be pretty fresh for the shrimp to be sold with head on since the head is the first part to go bad. When I buy shrimp, I prefer the head ons. The head gives extra flavor to the broth and yes, it's not such a good manner, but sucking the head is undoubtedly a great guilty pleasure. I didn't tell how, but my son sucks the head all by himself. I wonder how he'll survive when it comes to the dating scene. Hopefully he won't be dumped by sucking the shrimp head on the date.....finger crossed. I guess shrimp and men have something in common.....better with BRAIN!!
by hungry-witch | 2011-04-26 10:21 | dinner
春は筍 Seasonal eat, bamboo shoot

Spring in Japan is such a special time of the year. Cherry blossoms, graduation, enrollment ceremony (Japanese school start in April instead of September), and fresh mountain vegetables. We celebrate the end of winter with various amazingly delicious and limited edition of rare seasonal eats. Bamboo shoots is one of it. It is so hard to get fresh bamboo shoots in NYC. Majorities are either canned or water packed. The fresh bamboo shoots are totally different from those. However, what would a Japanese girl do in New York? The best bet is to arrange the water packed one to the limit . I soak them in the water with sake for at least 2 hours to get rid of that chemical flavor. Then coat them in sesame oil and grill. Then mix them with white miso and basil . Too bad i can't provide the pictures......look, nothing is better than the one you get fresh in Japan, but it's a challenge and reward for all of us Japanese foodies to come up with the alternatives in NYC. Sometimes, we even come up with an amazing dish that exceeds "an alternative". I still have much to go to reach that stage, but working one it!
by hungry-witch | 2011-04-20 10:17 | dinner
真冬のオクラ Okura in mid winter

Okura is a summer vegetable, but we can pretty much get these guys all year around. My favorite way to enjoy is simply blanch them quickly after rubbing them with a little salt to eliminate their fuzz on the surface. Give them a quick mince and pour a little soy sauce and sprinkle some bonito flakes. Mix well and voila, a perfect side dish to go with hot, piping rice. It's so good..too good...guess this is why I can't let go of my ugly elastic waist pants.....

Arugula miso soup. Arugula is a perfect substitution for the daikon radish leaf.

sauteed bean sprout with garlic. Simple is the best when you find the fresh bean sprout....crispy and juicy!

grilled salmon. This definitely calls for the second bowl of rice...

In the zone and I bet he doesn't even realize his elbow just got dipped into the miso soup. Guess it's time to tackle our huge load of laundry....sigh.
by hungry-witch | 2011-03-04 03:18 | dinner

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