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ふぐ! blow fish extravaganza!

Kids have been waiting for this for a long time.....blow fish! Well, actually these guys are called "puffer fish" and don't have the trade mark poison. But, still a type of blow fish and enough to bring that extra edge to the table.

coat them thinly with little flour.

Pan fry them until golden brown and ready to be served. Don't forget to squeeze lemon!

Since we're having puffer fish, the regular rice is a bit boring....take turn and pound it until nice and sticky.

roll it in the palm and then flatten it to make a thin wafer.

pan fry these, too until nice and crispy. Voila, crispy rice dish...yummy!
by hungry-witch | 2011-11-19 01:15 | cooking class
たこ焼き  octopus ball

Today's ingredient, yes, Octopus! To be honest, I wanted a bigger one, but oh well, they're octopus regardless of their size.

Kids were all so excited....but guys, seriously, stop naming them! I mean, how can we boil and chop "Bobby".....!

Boiled and gotten even more smaller.

Our staple octopus dish!

I've gotten so much better making these balls.....good to have some back up plan when I go out of business!

perfect presentation!
by hungry-witch | 2011-11-18 13:20 | cooking class
Kid's class new semester! 子供クラス新学期
As soon as the Labor day is over, things picks up the pace and the summer break is over. Back to the daily grind. Today was the kid's cooking class's first day. New student joined the class ;) Let's start cookin'!

Of course we start from the fish store. Everyone was hooked on super lived blue crab!

These little crabs were soo feisty. Kids got kick out every time they snapped their claws.

Brought them back and observe.

got some flounder, too!

flip them, poke them....observe really well!

even played with konbu kelp which we used to make stock for miso soup

Whet it come to eating crab, doesn't matter if it's kids or adult or any other nationalities, people tend to become super quite....lovely!
by hungry-witch | 2011-09-22 12:17 | cooking class
日本からの食べ物は汚染されていますか? Are all food from Japan contaminated by radiation?

I went to the farmer's market with my son today. We bumped into one of the mother of my student from the cooking class. She asked me what I'm doing about the food from Japan. She was referring to the contamination of the food by the radiation from the nuclear power plant accident due to the earthquake. "Here we go again..." I thought. I was getting tired of those comments by the people who were over reacting due to the luck of knowledge and information. Ignorance is a bliss, sometime, but often it can be dangerous and hurtful. I am not underestimating the danger of the radiation, but to think food in Japan in general are all contaminated is ridiculous. However, I should understand this mother's paranoiac reaction....some people in Japan are also behaving this way even with so much information available. Things like virus and radiation are so scary to us since they're not can we protect ourselves from something we can't see? This is why some of us choose to take extreme measure by shutting off everything related to the source to be 100% sure. Sounds reasonable, but I can't forget the testimony by the nuclear bomb surviver who came here last month. She said her agony was not only surviving the injury and loss by the bomb. She had to live her life as a "bomb surviver" and had to deal with so much discrimination from the society. She was very concerned for the victims of this March's nuclear power plant's accident, especially for children who might become the victim of this cruel discrimination just like what she had to live through. Of course this is little different from the fear of food, but it's similar in a way to be alarmed and to reject without adequate information. Japanese farmers and food industry are facing major survival crises. Many have already gone out of business. We're all trying to support them by eliminating excess fear due to the wrong knowledge and by encouraging people to keep buying Japanese products. "Do you believe the government?" this mother asked. My answer to that is yes and no. Japan is not a communist country. Even though government is not always straight forward to the public, there are number of credible resources for the information . Also, other countries are very cautious about importing food and goods from Japan now. Before they are imported to U.S., it's been inspected at least by 2 parties. (WHO website has better information on this) Be cautious, but there is not need to reject everything from Japan, at least for now. So, chill out.
by hungry-witch | 2011-06-14 03:27 | cooking class
子供教室お披露目パーティー Kid's class Annual Banquet

メイン:   寿司ケーキ

デザート:  抹茶トリュフ
ドリンク:  イチゴと豆腐のスムージー


I thought it's nice to have a place for all the kids to show their families and friends what they have learned in my cooking class. With so much support from their parents, we have opened an one day restaurant which kids named "Gohan Castle"(rice castle) and invited all the families to be the customers. They also came up the menu from the appetizer to the dessert:

Appetizer: shrimp and sweet potato tempura
gyoza dumpling
cellophane noodle salad

main: chicken cutlet with miso sauce
sushi cake
broccoli with soy sauce and sesame oil

dessert: green tea truffles
drink: tofu and strawberry smoothie

We begun preparation for the event a few weeks ago. They made more than 100 gyozas and folded some origami container to hold the dessert. They also decided to provide the entertainments, so each child practiced their acts to be absolutely ready. End result was "Phenomenal!" All the guests enjoyed their food, services and great entertainments. Good job all.....I'm just so proud of them!
busy prepping!

House special "sushi cake"

huge hit amongst the guests, cellophane noodle salad

The customers have arrived! Busy, busy, busy!

Happy customers.

After the dinner, the entertainment by the kids begun. The opening act was Lucy's Japanese folk story telling. Perfect way to start the show!

Next act is the jokes by Alice. Pretty gutsy!

Then my son's magic trick. Not bad considering he had just a day to practice. No sweat for him...tons of sweat for me!

Luna's cool and sassy!

The last act was a skit by Lydia. She even wrote her own script!

There were almost 30 guests including the walk ins. Huge success guys!
by hungry-witch | 2011-06-07 15:31 | cooking class
子供教室 kid's cooking class

I haven't been posting my kids class lately, but it's still going strong! Since it's almost at the end of school year, we thought it'll be nice to throw a year end banquet prepared and hosted by the children for their families. It turned out to be a full course with appetizers, main course and desserts, so we had to get cracking from today even though the banquet is in two weeks. Today, we tackled 100 gyoza dumpling making. What's so great about gyoza dumpling is that they can be frozen until needed and still taste fabulous. I have to say, my students are almost at a "pro" level when it comes to making gyoza....possibly a good match with those Chinese ladies at the dumpling specialty stores in China Town! They all started from squished ones....boy they came such a long way....pass me the tissue...! They'll also provide the entertainments at the party. Honestly, I'm so impressed how every one of them are so super excited to show their talents. There will be a story telling, comedy, guitar and an original skit. They would continue to rehearse endlessly if they about the showman ship. I'm starting to realize that all we want to do as grown ups are to make some good childhood memories for our children. I'd be more than thrilled if they could reflect the time spent in my class as "good old days" when they grow up.
by hungry-witch | 2011-05-25 13:09 | cooking class
疲れた。 Dead tired
月曜日。先日息子の火傷騒動を書いたが、今日、朝一で小児科につれていった。今日は午後から学校での講義がはいっているので早々に見てもらわなければいかない。病院に着くと、『予約がないなら空きができるまでまつのね』と冷たく受け付けの爪の長〜いねぇちゃんが言った。う、やな感じ。しかしここで喧嘩しても更に意地悪をされるだけの話。ぐっとこらえて、昔はやった歌謡曲ではないが、『私待つわ』とおとなしく待ち合い室に座った。しかし1時間たち、また2時間たってもに呼ばれない。講義に遅刻するわけにもいかないので、2時間待ったけど一旦引かねばならぬ、と例の爪長ねーちゃんに、顔を引くつらせながらも微笑んで夕方の予約をとってもらった。勿論息子を学校に送る時間など残っちゃいない。息子同伴で講義にタクシーを飛ばした。今日の講義先はマディソン アベニューにある、マンハッタンAリスト御用達、お嬢様私立校である。息子は学校に入るなり、『ここは美術館か?』と混乱した程美しい学校であった。日本の事を勉強する週だそうで、最後は日本食の晩餐会が行われるとか。私の講義はその晩餐会に向けての準備みたいなものだ。すごいなあ。学校側のご好意で息子の同伴も許され、無事1時間の講義も終わらせる事ができた。その足で病院にトンボがえり。更に1時間待ったあげく、やっと診察。結局私がしていた応急処置と同じ事をしてもらって、10分で終わった。いったい今朝からのドタバタは何だったんだろう、と思う一方、もう、疲れきって、どうでも良い、というのが本当のところだ。心身共々クタクタである。寝よう。また明日のバトルが待っておる。
by hungry-witch | 2011-05-10 12:05 | cooking class



Spring Menu:

*dashi making
*miso soup with broccolirabe and fried tofu skin
*asparagus ohitashi
*bamboo shoot with shiso and white miso sauce
*flounder rice soup
*tofu panacotta with strawberries

On Easter Sunday, enthusiastic food lovers gathered to learn the basic dashi making. Dashi is the so important, some chef call it "the life of all the dishes". They always start the preparation by making dashi since it's used in most of Japanese traditional dishes. All the dishes from today's menu except for the pannacotta uses dashi to let clients learn how to use that golden goodness. Originally, I was going to make grilled spanish mackerel instead of the flounder rice soup, but didn't get lucky with the mackerel even after searching in 4 fish markets. However, I found this beautiful and super fresh flounder that was good enough to eat as sashimi, so quick change of plan. When you're dealing with fish, you have to be flexible since the market situation changes everyday. At home, I filleted the flounder into 4 pieces and then grilled the bone to make a stock. Nothing to waste baby! After slicing the flounder into thin sashimi slices, we marinated them about 10 minutes in roasted and grounded sesame, soy sauce, mirin and sake. Then put them on top of piping hot rice, sprinkle with chopped scallions and put a small amount of wasabi. Then, pour that broth made from dashi and flounder bone, scatter some hand ripped nori seaweed, and you have a heavenly, delicious flounder rice soup. Seriously, it's to die for! Thank god I couldn't get any mackerel!
by hungry-witch | 2011-04-25 09:08 | cooking class
子供教室 kids' class
by hungry-witch | 2011-04-14 13:07 | cooking class
It's been so long.... 長らくご無沙汰しております。。。
話はガラッと変わりますが、最近ぬか漬けの調子がいい。ぬかどこに色々入れ続けて、ようやく『ええ塩梅』になってきた。入れる野菜は定番の人参、きゅうり、大根など。そして今とても気に入っているのがズッキーニ。さっと荒い、水気を拭き取ったら半分に切ってぬかに入れるます。その時おまじないをとなえると更によいでしょう、というのはうそです。こちらではなかなか日本のような美味しい茄子が手に入りにくいのですが、ズッキーニはどこでも売っています。茄子とはちょっと違いますが、何となく茄子っぽい感じに仕上がるので重宝しています。 面白い所ではオクラもなかなかいけます。ぬか漬け仲間よ、是非やってみておくんなさい。

Just when I made an oath to keep up with the blog entry, my camera broke down...well, it's more like I broke it down. I spilled drink over it. Despite of my frantic rescue effort, it's not moving at all. I let it rest on nice piece of cushion hoping it might recover just like my son when he get s sick. It's been resting fro more than 2 weeks but no sign of recovery.....obviously. This is so painful since it was still fairy new. I still haven't gotten over the fact that I have to invest on a new one. Yap, denial has been the key word and policy of my entire being. This explains why I'm still refusing to wear glasses. What I don't see does not exist...including those lines that appear when I look into that horrible magnifying mirror at the department stores. Anyways, it'll be a while until I finally give in and face the reality. Till then, there won't be any photos...sorry friends, but please bare with me. I will snap out of my fantasy...someday.
by hungry-witch | 2011-04-13 09:26 | cooking class

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