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学校最終日 last day of school
Today's was the last day of my son's school. It's amazing how a year goes by so fast. To show my enormous "thanx" to his teachers and staffs, I made some sushi roll, inarizushi (bean curd skin sushi) and edamame. He had a great year and it's all because of his great teachers. Oh, but wait, that means he'll be home all day from tomorrow......AAAAAhhhhhhaaa!!

I woke up at 5am and somehow packed everything and made it in time. After I sent my son, I realized I forgot to pack his luch....!! When he came home, I asked "what did you do for lunch?" and he said "Oh, my teacher gave me some of your stuff." This is always the heart is in the right place but I always screw up somehow. I am the queen of "oops..", sigh.
by hungry-witch | 2010-06-25 10:29 | party menu
烏賊そうめん&お漬け物  fresh squid sashimi and pickles
I'm so sick of looking at curry by now. Luckily, there were some super fresh squid at the fish market. Slice them very thin to look like noodle and serve it with grated ginger and julienned shiso leaf. Perfect sashimi for the summer. I made some cucumber sprinkled with salt and pickled delicious on top of hot rice. Aaahhh, talk about comfort food. Next to me, my boy is still eating the left over curry...with big smile on his face....I'm speechless by now.

by hungry-witch | 2010-06-24 22:10 | dinner
カレー翌日弁当  The day after curry...

Like grandfather, like grandchild. My dad's favorite was also curry. Every time we had curry for dinner, he had it for the breakfast the next day, and again for dinner.... I didn't think my own son would turned out to be just like him. He's more than happy to have the left over curry in the morning and also for lunch. I asked him "You don't mind having curry for every meal?" He said "Of course not....Indian people eat curry everyday, silly!" You're absolutely right, dude...silly me for asking!

by hungry-witch | 2010-06-24 21:53 | lunch box
夏限定版、激からカレー limited edition, extra spicy curry!
My son is oh, what should I say..."unique"? He loves spicy food. Every time I take him to the Indian or Korean restaurant, waitress starts to get worries how he eat so much spicy food. His favorite food is curry and he often says "I wish I was an Indian I can eat curry everyday!" Today, finally I gave in...his favorite curry, extra spicy!


I make curry to clean up the each time, what I put in differs depending on the left over situation. This time, there were some summer veggies and thinly sliced beef left from the weekend cooking class. I didn't have enough beef, so I put mussels at the last minute. Turned out one of the best curry ever, but I don't think I can duplicate this in future.... don't exactly remember what I put in......
by hungry-witch | 2010-06-23 12:06 | dinner
easy summer bento box 簡単、夏の弁当

This season, it's so tempting to stay's so nice and breezy at the park, how can we resist a stroll in a park. There are fireflies, cool sound from the Jazz bars and street musicians, and ice cream truck! The problem is the next morning...everytime I regret why didn't I go to be earlier. This morning was the same thing, but luckily,I had some frozen udon noodle in the freezer!

Cold udon with dipping sauce bento. I put dipping sauce separately in tight lid container. My son will take the udon and dip it into the sauce when he eat at lunch. Frozen udon is such a convenient ingredient, especially when you're in hurry!

Then throw in last night's left over chicken, some veggies and yay done! I made it this time, but to tell the truth, we miss the bus a couple times in the past....
by hungry-witch | 2010-06-22 22:22 | lunch box
Birthday Sushi class お誕生日寿司クラス
I had some lovely French crowd for a Birthday party/Sushi class.

Today's menu:
1. california roll
2. spicy salmon had roll
3. nigiri sushi ( tuna, salmon, hamachi, shrimp, seasoned shitake mushroom, egg and............._

Monk fish Foie gras sushi. Very exotic and considered as a delicacy. Hey, they're French..they eat snail and real Foie Gras....I knew they could handle this!
by hungry-witch | 2010-06-21 12:06 | cooking class
Summer menu! 夏メニュー!
My boy and I spotted some fireflies at the Riverside park the other day. Summer is officially here. Today's cooking class was all about summer menu.


Beef shabu shabu salad with summer vegetables. We peeled baby tomato skin for a little TLC! Fava beans were also in season. Served with ginger dressing..yum!

shrimp and eel "temarizushi"(little ball sushi_
This is so cute, but really easy to make. Perfect for party and picnic! In Japan, we eat eel during the summer to keep up our stamina!

cold somen noodle with dipping sauce. This is a staple summer dish. An ultimate "cool down" dish...without this, I don't think I can survive the heat...

Tofu panacotta with strawberry . I'm in love with this dessert. So light, but smooth and satisfying.
by hungry-witch | 2010-06-19 11:27 | cooking class
sweet and sour fried cod with veggie 酢豚じゃなくて酢魚
I don't really like to order this at the chinese restaurant. I find it too oily and heavy. So, here is my own take on this normally heavy dish.

In stead of coating the cod with batter, lightly coated with katakuri starch (potato starch). Then in stead of deep frying, sauteed with little oil. Take the fish out of the pan and throw in some green peppers, onion, sliced ginger and shitake mushrooms. Put back the fish and stair fry quickly. Turn off the heat and sprinkle liberal amount of sushi vinegar. Sushi vinegar is seasoned rice vinegar. It already has some salt and sugar, so no need to add any more seasoning. If you'd like, you can put some chili sauce or black pepper. Easy, fast and so much light than the original recipe. Yum!

by hungry-witch | 2010-06-16 12:05 | dinner
rice ball video おにぎりビデオ
It's UP for you rice ball funs! We filmed this in different room, so the lighting is not quite right. It's lighting from below, so has some spooky effect.....might have some chilling effect for this hot season..not! Oh, the bruise on my arm, I fell from the stairs the other day. Not to worry, it's getting better....till I fall again.


If you can't see it in this link. please go to the website: でも見られます。
by hungry-witch | 2010-06-15 22:35 | cooking class
sweet home cookin' あ〜、おふくろさあああん!
Sometimes I have a sudden craving for my mom's dish. Today, it hit me like a lightning.

simmered nappa cabbage, shiitake mushroom and tofu. I sneaked a little, just a little bit of ground pork to give extra flavor. Hey, I have a growing boy here....can use a little help from a Mr. piggy!

simmered flounder with burdock root in sweet and savory broth. This happens to be my boy's favorite. The left over broth coagulates when cooled in the fridge due to the gelatin from the flounder. He puts that on hot rice and that's his No1. snack...I told you..his taste bud is like a middle aged Japanese business man. Sooo weird. Anyway, let's eat...and then a phone call...

A call from my friend. We talk for 15 minutes and when I got back to the table, all I saw was this!.....Where is mine????
by hungry-witch | 2010-06-15 10:32 | dinner

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