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Japanese Food and Restaurant Show
It seems like a scene from Japanese Department stores' food floor...tons of samples! But it's not. There was a Japanese food and restaurant show at the mid town today. So many great new finds and ideas from various food and equipment suppliers.

ramen noodle booth

different kind of products using wasabi

そして、この方、料理の鉄人などでも知られている、日本橋『ゆかり』の三代目目、野永喜三夫 シェフ。日本料理のセオリーと五感をつかっての調理法について、パフォーマンスとレクチャーがありました。基本的な昆布と鰹のダシの話から始まって、季節感、盛り合わせ、食材の新しい使い方などを、冗談も上手に入れながら楽しく紹介していただきました。面白いとおもったのが、ダシの説明の時、みそ汁をダシとお湯で作り、その違いをオディアンスが体験する、という企画があったんですが、日本人なら味見をする以前に香りでどちらがダシ入りが分かるところ、アメリカ人は、料理関係者でも以外と、『あれ、どっち?』という人がチラホラ。。。中にはお湯だけで作ったみそ汁の方が美味しい、とう方も。。。う〜ん日本料理の繊細な良さを理解して頂くのはやっぱりまだ時間がかかりそうだ。。。
And this person was the main reason fro my visit this time, the winner of Japanese Iron chef, Owner/Chef of Nihonbashi Yukari, Kimio Nonaga. He demonstrated filleting the tai snapper and making sashimi out of chunk of Tuna block. He talked on the theory of cuisine in Japanese cooking, "Using the five senses." I thought it was extremely interesting how he made the audience taste and tell the difference between the miso soup made with dashi and just with hot water. Most Japanese can tell the different right a way by just smelling which one is which. There were quite many non Japanese audience who couldn't tell the difference....and even some thought the one with hot water was more complex in taste....this was quite a surprise since these people are all in food industry. It'll be a while until the beautify of delicate Japanese cuisine is fully understood by the U.S. audience...but until then, I'll keep busting my little butt to educated my clients....boot camp style!

Lucky me, two shot with Chef's all good!
by hungry-witch | 2010-09-27 01:35 | outings
俵おむすび oval rice balls
When I was little, my mom could not make triangle shaped rice ball. When everyone else had their riceballs into triangle, I was the only child with oval shaped one. This was absolutely embarrassing for a 6 year old. When I turned 8, I took matters into my own hand...literally. I begun making my own rice balls. Looking back, this was the beginning of my cooking carrier. I think I should thank my mom for being such a lousy rice ball maker.....thanks mom!

息子の場合、こういう食べ物を持って行くのはどちら道、彼しかいない。私が子供の頃、人と違うことが何よりも恐怖だった事を思えば、息子は大物である。。。というか周りが見えてないのか? 心配になる事もあるが、まあ、何でも美味しいと喜んでくれるのは幸せとしとこう。今日は俵おむすび弁当。食べやすいと好評でした。。。息子が自分でおにぎりを握る事はなさそうだな、しばらくは。
My son is the only child to bring this type of lunch to my childhood when being different was the most scary thing, my son is much more comfortable with himself.....or he could be totally unaware of his surroundings.... In any case, it's a good thing that he enjoys any kind of food. Today, I made him the infamous "oval rice balls". His response was very positive since it was easy for him to pick and eat. Guess he won't be making his rice balls for a while.....
by hungry-witch | 2010-09-24 21:03 | lunch box
簡単マーボ豆腐 simple and easy Mapo-Tofu
My son woke up this morning and the first thing he said was "Mom, I have to have Mapo-Tofu for dinner." Apparently, he had a dream about eating's pretty amazing that he's eating even in his dream.....he's definitely my son!

Mapo Tofu at our house tastes a bit different each time. Today, I didn't have any special chili sauce from a restaurant in China Town which I normally use, so I simply used oyster sauce, chili sauce and red miso paste for the seasoning. I stir fried minced ginger, garlic, scallion and pork. Add a little chicken soup and thicken with potato starch. I only had the super soft silken tofu, so scooped it in with spoon at the very end. It's so quick and easy, but delicious!

Don't forget the veggies! Spinach with sesame seeds.
by hungry-witch | 2010-09-24 19:14 | dinner
オイスターじゃなくて。。。 not really with oyster..
よく、ショットグラスに牡蠣とウォッカ、タバスコ、レモン汁なんかを入れた、オイスターショットたるものをバーで見かけるけど、今回は“クラムショット”。 ハードリッカーは全く受け付けないので、ウォッカは入っておりません。そのかわりレモン汁がたっぷり! リトルネッククラムはお魚さんに開けてもらってます。きゅっと一杯。。。。おいし〜〜〜!で、ワイン飲むのでノンアルコール、という訳ではないのですな。これも仕事の為の研究ということで。。。おほほほ。
Oyster shot with raw oyster, vodka, lemon juice and tabasco in a shot glass is very popular at the seafood restaurants and bars. I used clam for this time instead of oysters. I asked my fish mongers to open dozen clams and put each one into a shot glass. Pour some lemon juice and tabasco (I can't take any hard liquor lately...) and gulp! Heaven!!! I drink wine with it, so it's not exactly a "non alcoholic"shot...ha, ha! Oh, but I totally deserve it!

by hungry-witch | 2010-09-24 09:07 | snack
誕生会 Park Birthday Party

My son's Birthday extravaganza has come to the finale. A party at a park with his friends. This one is the "big deal" party...but it'll be over after this....for this year! He requested "strawberry short cake" for his birthday cake, so anything he says he'll get....just for today!

Luckily, the weather was perfect! Balloons, check! Cake, check! party favors, check!,check...

The must have item for every parties...pinata! Every time I see children scattered on the ground to pick up the candies, I feel a little guilt, embarrassment, shame and humor. It's like being reminded "hey, no matter how you dress and act sophisticated and educated, this is what human nature is." Ahhhg, the curse of material desires.

Make a wish! YES! All done! It's a good thing that the birthdays are only once a year....
by hungry-witch | 2010-09-23 22:56 | party menu
タコの踊り食い! Live octopus!
Today was his actual birthday. When I asked him what he wanted for dinner, he immediately said"Live Lobster!" I don't know how the 9 year old request such a thing, but oh well, I wanted to check this place anyway....

This place in Queens is famous for....

Live Octopus!

As soon as you sit down, a super energetic server cracks some eggs to make fried egg. He flipped the eggs in the air to make sunny side down. My son was really impressed and mumbled "He's a professional, mom" Son, I agree.

Wooooow! This was moving..quite aggressively.....the suction of the tentacles stuck to the chopsticks and was quite a sight!

Really? You're gonna go for it? Wow, I did raise you right....!

Stuck to the cheeks, hah? Oh but seriously, this was delicious. I think I can eat the whole plate next time.....if you can get over the visual aspect of this, it's such a delicacy.

TaDa! The main dish, seafood hot pot with live's still moving on the top. This hot pot is loaded with clams, crab, shrimp, squid, octopus , vegetables and udon noodle. Talk about over load! Each of us a given a bucket under the table to put the shells. Love this dynamic presentation!

Oh boy, this was such a big portion. No matter how much we ate, we didn't see the bottom...we finally gave up and it wasn't even half way
through.....the rest was packed nicely in a tight bucket to be brought home.
Complimentary dessert, cucumber juice. So refreshing and yummy!
by hungry-witch | 2010-09-20 08:57 | outings
年に一度! Once a year sugar rush!
T's the season for cupcakes in our household. My son's birthday is here...and yes, that mean a crunch time for me. For those who are picturing jolly and happy scene, think again. Here in the city, there are so much pressure and ablations when it comes to the kids' birthday. As usual, there is a class celebration at his school and the private one at home with his friends. For 2 straight days, I'm baking something. Today, it's the class one, so here goes the cupcakes!

The birthday boy offered to help this year...thanks, but the cake butter are more like flying all over than being mixed. My stress level went up one notch , but since he is the birthday boy, closed my eyes and kept reminding myself "breath, breath, BREATH"....

We just baked cupcakes last night. This morning, after my son was picked up by his school bus @ 7am (yap, it's still not resolved), I made butter cream in 3 different colors and decorated each cakes with raspberries, mint chocolate and other sprinkles. We made regular size and the mini ones. These are the regular ones.

These are the mini size ones. Cute, ha? Well, I got the recipe from the Magnolia bakery....seriously sweet...I mean sweet, sweet. My teeth are aching just by looking at them!

Voila! Done! Now, I pack these and off to his school...

Yaaaay, one down, one more to go!
by hungry-witch | 2010-09-18 09:25 | party menu
鳥南蛮  warm chicken soba noodle
On top of this morning drama, my son who usually comes home around 3pm got home afater 4:30pm..that's an hour and half later! Seems like I have one more battle to fight with the Board of Ed.....great, Seems like fighting with an authority is my destiny.....agh!

From tomorrow, we have to wake us half an hour earlier. This puts so much pressure for both of us. To calm all the stress, I made some cold buckwheat noodle to be dipped into warm soup with chicken and scallion. Few second of peace here...!
by hungry-witch | 2010-09-16 12:34 | dinner
トラブルだらけ  So much drama...
I'm doing everything to my ability to stay away from trouble, but it seems like the trouble finds me......why? My son was being picked up by the school bus around 7:45am for the last 2 years. This morning, out of blue, without any notice, he was assigned to a different bus and apparently, he will be picked up @ 7am. 7am!!! Curse you board of ED!!!!

7am, my son is still sleeping..and that means I have to bring him to school. Great. Just pack this easy lunch...pasta with shrimp and veggies.
by hungry-witch | 2010-09-16 12:16 | lunch box
一人ぽっちのお昼ご飯  alone again...
I've gotten so used to having my son around for lunch during this looooong summer break. His "I'm hungry" chant started just around 12pm. It's sort of funny feeling that I don't have to get ready for lunch any more...kind of bitter sweet...but I'm not complain'! I don't normally cook just for myself, but thought I'd whip up something super help me get over having lunch without my little monster. It was, if I may say so myself, delicious..but having lunch alone, I felt like something was missing......





Marinated Anchovy with Mediterranean salad.

This is so easy and amazingly yummy. Marinated anchovy is a bit complicated, but the salad is the winner. Let me introduce...

*one tomato cut into cube
*1/4 red onion minced
*2 cumbers peeled and diced
* Italian parsley or cilantro chopped
*3 table spoon of olive oil
*2 tablespoon of lemon juice
*1~2 tablespoon of capers.
salt and pepper to taste

Just mix everything above. So quick and easy, but really pretty and refreshing salad to bring out the best in any seafood or meat dish! Capers are the whole key here, so don't forget those little guys!

My boy's after school snack! Ha, ha, talk about good use of left over! Put anchovy and salad in the pita bread and voila, Mediterranean sandwich. My son devoured the whole thing in no time and asked for more anchovy fillet.....he definitely doesn't discriminate food. Peace out dude!
by hungry-witch | 2010-09-15 12:40 | lunch box

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